How it Works

Block unknown or unwanted emails, manage invited contacts, track opens and more

Dittocast’s security-based structure not only eliminates the ability for phishing, malicious and SPAM emails to get through, but also features highly secure multiple defensive layers with end to end encryption that prevents hacking and attacks. The DittoCast platform also gives you and your employees better email and file sharing tools to improve workflow, including easy contact invitation management. Track opens or retract accidently sent files or messages, manage access permissions that allow what messages employees can or can’t receive, and automatically add approved senders.

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How it Works

Security Features

DittoCast security design is based on an Implicit Deny policy to deny access to external email senders unless pre-approved or invited to connect.

  • Highly secure multiple defensive layers with end to end, military grade, encryption prevents hacking, NSA or government access, or man in the middle attack
  • Eliminate ALL phishing emails as well as risky or malicious messages that pose a threat 
  • Silent Geo-Location authentication restricts user access to safe locations and prevents hacker access with stolen credentials
  • Multi-authentication prevents unauthorized access
  • Intra-company messaging and file exchange securely without exposure to traditional email risks
Security features
User management features

User Management Features

Have better control over the security and access level given to each user, protecting new or temporary employees from security threats and other outside emails, while allowing other groups the ability to manage and accept messages from trusted sources.

  • Grant users access permission with RBAC (Role Based Access Control) by groups, physical location, job functions, or security requirements
  • Create customized user permission groups for teams or departments to eliminate permission creep, expedite user permission reassignment, and promote least privilege policy
  • Reassign accounts to replacement employees to preserve all current and historical messages and files while maintaining originating user tracking
  • Automatically add users as email is received, to ease the administrative burden in setting up new users
  • White list contacts at company, domain and user level
  • Communicate in pure DittoCast mode or hybrid of email and DittoCast messaging

Message & Workflow Features

In addition to removing security threats like phishing, DittoCast’s workflow features help users stop wasting time dealing with junk email or tracking down spam captured good emails, while helping to create a cleaner workflow.

  • Block ALL spam and junk email, no more time wasted deleting unwanted emails
  • Send or receive email, messages, and files securely with invited contacts you trust
  • Automatically enable your invited contacts to send and receive messages and files, with you, using full DittoCast security features
  • Instant confirmation of priority contacts using a quick connect authorization code
  • Quick response buttons that keep a conversation expedited
  • Text alerts for high-priority contacts enable you to respond quickly when receiving files, emails or messages
  • Drag and drop files or browse your local and network drives to select files for delivery
  • Open tracking to know when a message or file is opened by the recipient to eliminate follow up calls
  • Retract sent files or messages immediately from a recipients’ inbox at any future time and date
  • Change permissions for existing contacts. If you prefer to no longer receive email from a contact, simply remove them from your contact list
  • Maintain a separate ‘subscription’ email to improve workflow handling of ‘no reply’ emails such as newsletters, promotions or social media alerts
  • Easily cancel or block subscription emails with single mouse click
Message and workflow features

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Maintaining a high level of security is crucial for healthcare companies like us, and the team at
Global Access continues to be a great partner I can always trust for support and to keep our
data safe.”

-Tim Richter, Chief Information Officer, Haven Behavioral Healthcare

“For two decades I have worked with and referred clients to Global Access without a single regret. They always delivered meaningful and reliable technology solutions that solve business problems. I’m excited with this newest service offering announcement to address a serious vulnerability in our marketplace.”

-Don Mitchell, Cyber Security Consultant

“We’ve trusted Global Access services to make our office workflow more efficient while protecting our sensitive information. They never miss a beat in handling any request for support very quickly.”

-Pamela Dunn, IT Coordinator, Infrastructure Services Division, City of Sunnyvale California

“Being able to have IT products from Global Access that remove the burden of maintaining data security from my employees and improving productivity has been a big deal for me and them. We’ve been a customer for many years and are completely happy with the customer service and technology.”

-John Christner Trucking

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