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At DittoCast, we know that email security is a constant concern for businesses – no matter their size. We launched DittoCast because we know what it’s like to be hacked by a phishing scam. Even as an experienced software developer that knows how to spot a phish email, our experience proves that it does happen no matter how aware you are, or how much training you give your employees.

We want our clients to have a sense of peace that they’re doing everything they can to protect their company – so they can feel confident they are protecting not only their customers and partners from a data breach, but also removing the burden of day-to-day data security from their employees.

With the upgraded technology available from DittoCast, companies don’t have to risk a data breach that results in financial losses, lost productivity and a ruined reputation with customers. Since 1996 we have been an innovative and trusted name in data security. Let us remove the gap in your data security caused by email and upgrade to DittoCast.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    “Maintaining a high level of security is crucial for healthcare companies like us, and the team at
    Global Access continues to be a great partner I can always trust for support and to keep our
    data safe.”

    -Tim Richter, Chief Information Officer, Haven Behavioral Healthcare

    “For two decades I have worked with and referred clients to Walter Campbell without a single regret. He’s always delivered meaningful and reliable technology solutions that solve business problems. I’m excited with his newest service offering announcement to address a serious vulnerability in our marketplace.” 

    -Don Mitchell, Cyber Security Consultant

    “We’ve trusted Global Access services to make our office workflow more efficient while protecting our sensitive information. They never miss a beat in handling any request for support very quickly.”

    -Pamela Dunn, IT Coordinator, Infrastructure Services Division, City of Sunnyvale California

    “Being able to have IT products from Global Access that remove the burden of maintaining data security from my employees and improving productivity has been a big deal for me and them. We’ve been a customer for many years and are completely happy with the customer service and technology.”

    -John Christner Trucking

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