83% of corporations expect their security to fail.

Is your current solution working? Stop wasting money on partial solutions.

Reduce Risk

All of the previous text disappeared. Need to recover from local site.

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Cut Costs

Stop wasting money. Reduce costs by minimizingemployee distractions, IT expenses, legal costs froma data breach, and anti-virus software/services…

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Increase Productivity

Limit disruptions and maximize staff efficiency.Non-disruptive messaging, simplified tech support,100% spam/junk mail free, workflow reminders…

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Headache Free

DittoCast is loaded with convenience features:Message retraction, no more spam, handlelarge files, consolidate file and messaging apps…

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FREE: Network Security and Risk Assessment

Free Network Risk Assessment

DittoCast keeps people from nosing around in my business.

Bob Newhart

Actor, MGM Studios

Avoid Common Problems


Quit Struggling

Do you struggle with anti-virus updates, preventing spam and junk email?Have difficulty emailing file attachments? Too large, too many, wrong type?

Information Security

Are your research and development conversations being kept private?Do you "hope" your firewall and filters can protect confidential data?


Prevent Embarrassing Mistakes

Ever wish you could retract a file or email?

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Frustrated by risky email? Wish you controlled who could send you email?

Frustrated by risky email? Wish you controlled who could send you email?


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